Our actuarial consultants help clients design and manage pension programs, retiree medical and life insurance programs, and supplemental executive retirement plans. With the organization's goals in mind, we help you provide financial security for your employees in their retirement years, attract and retain quality employees and have peace of mind knowing your plan is being operated in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

Companies are compelled to evaluate their retirement programs to ensure cost efficiency and competitiveness, while providing benefits in-line with the company's HR philosophy. Our team of actuaries helps you achieve this balance.

We are not investment advisors and believe that independence is critical in our strategic consulting. Our goals are always aligned with our clients' objectives. We thrive in the collaboration with our clients' team of advisors – legal, financial and investment – on retirement projects.

Our actuarial team of experienced professionals adds value to organizations through the creativity and technical depth we bring to the actuarial process. The end result is a retirement program that:

  • Provides meaningful financial security for your employees in their retirement years;
  • Achieves the financial and HR objectives of the company;
  • Facilitates the attraction and retention of quality employees; and
  • Provides peace of mind knowing that your plan is being operated in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

Actuarial Now Trending

Now Trending

Our team of actuarial professionals sees risk mitigation strategies including glide paths, terminated vested buyouts, and other plan termination/settlement analysis as the most common actions clients are implementing to achieve their objectives. Trends we see with many of our clients include:

  • Relatively strong funded status is opening up the window to many de-risking actions.
  • Glide Paths are often being used to systematically remove pension plan risk as the plan's financial funded status increases. The goal is to lock in gains while gradually de-risking the plan.
  • Plan Termination analysis is becoming a more near term option for some. Our plan termination infographic helps organizations digest the steps in the process.
  • Discussion of new retirement plan designs – This series of articles takes a closer look at a model that has elements of both defined benefit and defined contribution plans