Checklist to Assess Your HR Service Delivery Effectiveness

As an HR leader, your goal is to align HR resources, including people, processes and technology, with organizational objectives. An effective service delivery is one that delivers maximum value for minimum cost. To accomplish this, HR leaders need to continuously assess their staff, processes and technology.

To help you lead your team, Findley Davies has developed a checklist for maximizing your HR function. This Top 10 list will be valuable to help you assess your HR service delivery effectiveness. It also highlights the first action steps you can take to remedy any areas of concern.

Checklist for maximizing your HR function

Feel free to use this checklist to provoke discussion at your next HR leadership meeting. It may spur discussion about whether your team members are focused on the right tasks that drive value for the business, how to better allocate people and budget or ways in which to maximize technology to streamline administrative tasks.

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