Our Health and Group Benefits practice provides creative, yet practical, advice on the design, funding, and administration of benefit programs.  We enhance financial performance through maximizing buying power and improving cost effectiveness.  Our collaborative, innovative approach delivers data-driven solutions to achieve strategic business objectives.

Health care reform has caused employers to revisit their long-term benefits strategy.  In some cases, workforce strategy is being refined with measurable, result-oriented health plan objectives in alignment with the employee value proposition.

Our Health and Group Benefits team is unique in that we do not align with any provider and do not have our own private exchange.  We believe our objectivity is based on independence and sets us apart from competitors.  For our clients it means objective, innovative thinking and business-changing recommendations.

Working with our Health and Group Benefits team, results in a program that:

  • Includes independent insight into the event-changing health and group benefits landscape
  • Provides practical, relevant and personalized advice delivered by senior consultants
  • Is uniquely designed to suit your organization's strategic objectives

Our expert team is ready to help you in these areas:

  • Strategic Planning: We begin our consulting relationship by learning about your organization, your plan, and your guiding principles, purchasing priorities and issues. We then leverage opportunities to reduce costs and increase value in developing a three to five year strategy tailored to your business and workforce objectives. We measure progress towards your goals, obtain stakeholder feedback, develop and execute plans for improvement.
  • BenScan® Interactive Modeling and Forecasting Tool: Our customized model facilitates health benefits planning and collective bargaining. Clients can play "what if" to see the impact on expected claims and net employer costs by making potential changes in benefits and/or employee contributions. We supplement our models with COBRA rates, actuarial valuations of IBNR claim reserves, and ACA Cadillac tax calculations.
  • Vendor Evaluation & Selection: We take advantage of changing market conditions in using an e-procurement tool to bid group benefit plans. Capabilities of carriers and administrators are also efficiently evaluated, resulting in aggressive pricing and improved service.
  • ClaimScan® Network and Claims Analysis: Your claims are re-priced by competing provider networks to assess discounts and the impact on expected plan costs. Claims data is analyzed to identify trends, cost drivers, and reasons for budget variances. 100% of claims are electronically audited to identify overpayments and initiate recovery.
  • Health and Group Benefits Administration: Our team provides compliance and administrative services, including dependent eligibility audits, COBRA administration, open enrollment support, HIPAA training, premium billing, ERISA reporting and disclosure; and non-discrimination testing.
  • Strategic Employer Wellness: Employers rely on our team to provide cultural and environmental assessments, financial incentives to drive sustainable health behavior changes, population risk management, and effective employee engagement.