Our solutions help organizations align pay and rewards with business objectives and core values, helping attract, motivate, and retain key talent.

We listen to our clients and provide guidance on important business decisions regarding salary management, annual and long-term incentive pay, equity-based plans, non-qualified deferred compensation, and executive-only benefits.

We partner with clients to develop effective solutions that support the critical factors to success, including:

  • Attracting and retaining top leadership talent
  • Aligning pay with interests of investors and key stakeholders
  • Strengthening pay for performance
  • Providing independent counsel for Board Compensation Committees
  • Managing executive compensation in an environment of increasing transparency, scrutiny, and regulation
  • Complying with new tax and regulatory requirements

Compensation & Rewards Now Trending

Now Trending

Our compensation and rewards consulting professionals have seen a significant uptick in the following types of projects:

  • Companies are revisiting their annual incentive plan design in an effort to ensure competitive rewards aligned with financial and strategic objectives.  As part of this, many companies are revisiting the way they manage performance.
  • Closely held and not-for-profit businesses, struggling to retain top performers, are looking to provide long term wealth building compensation opportunities linked to the long term growth of their organization.
  • Board compensation committees seeking independent counsel to assist with their role in oversight of executive compensation as a result of increased regulation and transparency.
  • Public companies are looking at "relative performance" plans to deliver both short term and long term incentives.  Total shareholder return or TSR plans have become more popular to create alignment of pay and performance.
  • In the health care industry, it has become a priority to create rewards strategies in an environment where doing more with less is critical.  Now trending are more outcomes-based and quality-based rewards.

What is Driving the Change?  Many factors are creating the need to revisit compensation strategies including competitive forces in the marketplace, increased investor and government oversight, and our new national health care model which has led to discussions about the employee value proposition.  Boards, organization leaders, and HR and financial departments sometimes wrestle with consensus.