Our team offers a structured process to help organizations implement successful change.  With an emphasis on creating long-term behavior changes, our solutions help companies achieve their business objectives while attracting and retaining key talent.  We can support you at any point in the process — from strategic planning to communication development and delivery.

Our change management strategies are designed for each organization's unique objectives and culture.  Our model includes three phases:

  • Preparation.  We will assess workforce readiness for change through focus groups or surveys.  Creating a vision and gaining leadership support are also critical steps in this phase.
  • Implementation.  The communications used during implementation are designed to support employees through the process.  We use a variety of channels, including electronic and web-based media, print materials, and personalized communications.
  • Reinforcement.  Any behavior change takes time and reinforcement.  By developing a plan to reward adoption of new behaviors, we can reduce the risk of employees reverting to old patterns.

Our approach focuses on helping employees through transition.  By successfully implementing changes, you can expect to see:

  • Increased productivity and lower turnover rates
  • Improved focus on organizational goals
  • Maximized use of technology
  • Higher employee satisfaction and engagement levels