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Compensation Strategies for Family Businesses

Written By Thomas Hurley

Compensation is an emotional topic for both business owners and employees. Organizations are constantly trying to balance the bottom line with paying its workers fairly. That balancing act can become more difficult in a family business if a compensation strategy is not clearly defined.

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Driving Change in Your Organization

Managing any change effort requires thoughtful preparation, careful implementation, and reinforcement. Successful change management strategies create an informed, empowered, and engaged workforce. In fact, recent studies indicate that organizations that are highly effective at change management are significantly more likely to continue to exhibit new behaviors and use new skills after changes are made.

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Monitoring Frozen Pension Plans for Optimal Time to Terminate

Written By Blaine Brickhouse, FSA

As a result of the volatility in the stock market and decline in long term bond yields over the last dozen years, a number of pension plan sponsors have frozen their plans in order to stop additional increases in corporate financial liabilities and related costs.

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Ensuring Retirement Plan Compliance With An Annual Plan Review

Written By Lisa Tomlin

"You don't know what you don't know." Sounds like a song or a cliché, but this is true when it comes to the administration of retirement plans. It is difficult for plan sponsors, regardless of whether the administration is handled in-house or by a third party administrator, to know what administrative errors are occurring. The errors may involve the inadvertent failure to follow the terms of the plan document or there may be other legal or regulatory rules that are not being followed or have not been updated in the plan.

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Retirement Plans – How Often is a Compliance Check-Up Needed?

Written By Amy Kennedy

Health experts tell us we should get a physical once a year and then when we reach a certain age, additional testing should be done routinely. Plan sponsors should consider that the same applies to a company's defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans.

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New Retirement Model - How Does it Work?

Written By Neville Arjani

What if we were not constrained by laws and regulations that govern what is and isn’t a pension plan? How would we design a new type of retirement plan...

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Health Care Industry — It’s a New World

Written By Rob Rogers

It has always been said that politics are local…that has also been the case with health care delivery. Whether it was the family physician or the community hospital, it has always been local or regional at best.

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Cash Balance Plans and Late Retirement Adjustments – Are They Required?

Written By Lisa Tomlin

Even though cash balance plans should be fairly simple plans to administer, they have been fraught with complications and lawsuits for many years. The Pension Protection Act (PPA) and subsequent regulations alleviate the challenges that cash balance plans faced with age discrimination and with the determination of the lump sum amounts that required these plans, in some cases, to do burdensome whipsaw calculations.

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Are Auto-enrollment 401(k) Plans Gaining Traction?

Written By Kyle Pifher

When it comes to employee benefits, a retirement plan is something of a must for many companies. But how to get employees to contribute and the rationale for employers to want them to is something that has bubbled up as an opportunity for further exploration.

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Pension Plan Dilemma When Reemploying Retirees?

Written By Colleen Lowmiller

To help keep benefit costs down, many defined benefit pension plans have a "suspension of benefits" provision under which plan sponsors stop or suspend pension benefits being paid to retirees if they are reemployed. The law allows (but does not require) such a suspension for retirees who are reemployed for as few as 40 hours in a month.

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