10 Steps for Developing Outcomes-based Incentives for Wellness Programs

If you offer a wellness program, you have probably considered many questions and options as you design incentives: How can you engage employees in a wellness program? What are the most impactful rewards for participating and achieving health outcomes? How can you be sure you're making a good investment with the money spent on wellness? Answers to these questions require an understanding of what motivates people; and are further complicated by ACA, ADA, and HIPAA guidelines. Thankfully, there's help.

Findley Davies is a member of the Health Enhancement Research Organization, a leading national think-tank on employer wellness initiatives. In 2012, HERO gathered key wellness leaders to develop guidelines for outcomes-based incentive programs. This list summarizes the best practices for outcomes-based incentives, and can shed light on developing motivating, compliant incentives and broader wellness initiatives.

Though the information is a few years old, it's timely now as regulations are once again under consideration.

HERO Outcomes-based Wellness Incentives

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