Call Centers in the Cloud

Written By Doug Sheffer

With the recession behind us, call center usage is on the rise. During the recession companies looked to cut costs to protect their assets. In looking for cost benefit savings often customer support centers became expendable as they were viewed as more of an expense than an asset. Now with the recession behind us and thanks to continued improvements in technology companies are starting to explore call center solutions once again.

Over the course of the last couple years call centers have evolved dramatically from the common perception of an 'expense center'. Traditionally call centers were built as in-house proprietary systems. Complex infrastructures were developed and grown from the ground up. While these often had an initial wow factor, they were typically only as current as their developers and company budget would allow. With ever changing technology the challenge became how to modify these complex proprietary systems to keep up with the market place. Call centers created in recent years have eliminated many of these challenges thanks in part to one of the most significant advancements in technology within the call center industry the most significant is the use of the Cloud. By definition the Cloud refers to an area in cyberspace where web based tools and information can be stored and accessed by any computer with internet access. Companies using the Cloud then set up secure access to their specific company information within the Cloud environment.

Findley Davies utilizes the Cloud and web based technology in its call center to answer client participant questions about health and wellness benefits, pension and 401(k) plans. Our tools are customized to meet the needs of our clients while remaining flexible to adapt to changes in the market place. In leveraging web based tools, Findley Davies is able to quickly exchange information between our multiple office locations nationwide through a secure connection. Our call center is located in Chicago while working real time with our operations teams between the Toledo, Cleveland, Columbus, Greensboro and Charlotte offices. With our current platform Findley Davies provides a high level of quality service to its clients and their participants at a competitive cost.

Security within the Cloud was a hot topic in the early transition period as people began to explore this new alternative. With modern technology advancements security levels can be designed to fit the needs of the company and would be virtually no different than security for accessing onsite storage equipment.

Flexibility is another major benefit of the Cloud. Employees no longer need to be centralized as they can 'log on' from anywhere. This creates opportunities for companies to expand their presence both from a national and global perspective. Talent searches can expand as well with the ease of access. By expanding presence and growing talent pools companies are seeing an increased growth potential while again overall operating at a reduced cost.

As technology continues to advance in leaps and bounds the utilization of the Cloud will inevitably become the norm. What once was considered an unsafe practice is now becoming common place in many industries. Many businesses are still exploring call centers using the Cloud as a potential solution; while those businesses that have chosen to utilize the Findley Davies call center, are enjoying the benefits.

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