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HR Outsourcing:  HR Managers Speak

Written by Katherine Tange-duPre, CEBS

Staffing cuts; budget restraints; increasingly complex regulations; globe-spanning locations; increased efficiency; improved quality; enhanced employee experience: employers outsource their HR functions for any number of financial and nonfinancial reasons. Whatever the reasons, many employers are turning to HR outsourcing. For these employers, outsourcing is an important tool that allows them to concentrate on strategic initiatives, reduce expenses, and move day-to-day administrative tasks—including recruiting, staffing, benefits, payroll, and training—to a third party provider.

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Mitigate Qualified Domestic Relations Order Risk with Best Practices

Retirement plan administrators have many important responsibilities that they must juggle daily. One such responsibility — often neglected — is the administration of qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs).

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Risk Transfers: the Other Side of De-risking

Written by Kenneth F. Hohman, FSA, EA, FCA, MAAA

The next time someone talks to you about de-risking, substitute the concept of risk transfer and follow the risk trail to determine who will become responsible for the “de-risked” risk.

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Using Compensation Management as a Tool to Recruit and Retain Top Talent

Written by Jennifer Givens

A strong job market is great news for employees and job seekers, but it isn’t so good for employers that must compete for new talent as they struggle to retain top performers.

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403(b) Prototype and Remedial Amendment Period

Written by David Alderson, J.D.

The moment 403(b) plan sponsors have been waiting for has arrived! The IRS has preapproved 403(b) prototype and volume submitter documents. Along with the preapproved documents comes a March 31, 2020 deadline for restating 403(b) plans.

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Audit Survival Tips for Retirement Plans

Written by Tom Swain, FSA, EA, FCA, MAAA

Although only a small fraction of retirement plans are audited each year, over time it’s almost certain that you and your plan will be audited by either the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the Department of Labor (DOL). Your preparation for an audit and your approach to an audit will save your organization thousands of dollars in productive time, penalties, and interest.

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Preretirement Death - Who Should Receive the Death Benefit?

Written by Lisa Tomlin

Retirement plan documents are the rulebooks for determining the amount, form, and timing of benefits for plan participants and their beneficiaries. Even with well-written documents, there are still situations that may cause a plan administrator to trip and fall if not careful.

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Finding Lost Participants: Best Practices from DOL Guidance

Written by Whitney Coppinger

The Department of Labor (DOL) released guidance August 2014, Field Advisory Bulletin 2014-1 (FAB 2014-1); directing terminating defined contribution plan sponsors on how to find lost participants. While this guidance is focused on terminating plans, it can be useful for ongoing plans as well.

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