Applicant Tracking System Vendor Evaluation

A global manufacturing organization located in over 30 countries was faced with increasing global hiring demands. Their current applicant tracking and requisition process was manual and relied exclusively on Microsoft Office tools making it difficult to report, search candidates, and match candidates to open requisitions. They needed a way to manage the recruiting and new hire onboarding process in a more efficient and effective manner. Findley Davies was engaged to identify the business requirements and to facilitate the vendor evaluation process.

They needed an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that would streamline some of the administrative tasks and increase their strategic hiring capabilities. The company preferred a tool that had a pre-built integration with their HRIS provider. This tool needed to:
• Create and post requisitions.
• Help manage the applicant flow (communications, scheduling interviews, offer letters, manager workflow approval).
• Support their global footprint, languages, and compliance.
• Provide access via a portal for agencies.
• Integrate seamlessly with the look, feel, and brand of their company website.
• Integrate with social media and translate to mobile devices.
• Provide actionable analytics including costs, sourcing data, and compliance.

Findley Davies partnered with the client to evaluate select ATS providers in the market that aligned with their functional requirements.

Findley Davies helped the client to:
• Identify and prioritize the company's business requirements and determine the business drivers.
• Review the market and other client solutions in order to recommend a vendor short list.
• Evaluate the vendors against their prioritized requirements leveraging a web-based RFP tool.
• Manage the project timeline, vendor management, and communications.
• Conduct scripted demonstrations with scorecards.
• Facilitate reference checks.
• Assist in contract negotiation.

With Findley Davies' help, the client was able to select the solution that fulfilled their requirements, implemented in parallel with a new HRIS system.

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