A Pension Sponsor's Readiness Guide to Plan Termination


Have you made the decision to terminate your defined benefit plan? It is not a simple matter. This white paper outlines the process, along with important decisions and preparations to consider, while avoiding common pitfalls. Pension sponsors will learn all the steps necessary to initiate a thoughtful and smooth plan termination process. Relevant case studies and insights are woven throughout to ensure that this complex information is readily understandable and actionable.

This white paper was developed with the
goal of preparing pension sponsor's for a
plan termination.

This guide covers how to prepare for the
plan termination process once a plan
sponsor is seriously considering this action.
It outlines the decisions and considerations necessary to terminate a plan, focusing on
standard terminations for single-employer
pension plans.

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Our goal is to provide pension plan sponsors and their finance and human resources teams with a guide to best practices for a successful plan termination — one that is predictable and smooth and meets the highest standards of efficiency, quality, and communication with employees.